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Police Finds Thelma’s Body Near Market Wharf

The lifeless body of an adult female was taken out the sea from the coastline of Punta Gorda earlier today. We hear more in this report from correspondent Paul Mahung.


“Based on reports Punta Gorda police went to the area in the vicinity of the Punta Gorda Market Wharf where police took the lifeless body out the sea just before midday and transported the female body to the Punta Gorda hospital morgue. The body was identified to be that of Thelma Coc who resided in Punta Gorda. Love News spoke to Lewis Braddick the person whom Thelma was living with and who reported that he was with her up to early this morning.”


“Two of my friends that stay to the back of this building I asked her where Thelma was and they said that she had passed here wrapped up in a sheet and she went as her custom was to go down by the beach. So I told them to check the rooms and they said she was not there. That being her custom I did not worry. So I went back drank a little beer and decided that that was her custom and I went to sleep. Now this morning when I woke up everything was nice and dandy all of a sudden around 10am the police officers came to check with me to see if Thelma was around I told them no and that she left from the night before and I told them that I didn’t know where she was. The police officers after an hour they came back and it was rumored that there was a dead body in front of his property by the sea and when they came looking for who it was it was she.”


“Lewis and Thelma resided on Frank Street in the vicinity of the Punta Gorda market area where Thelma’s body was taken out the sea and in the area where she reportedly was seen alive in the sea earlier this morning. Thelma Coc is the mother of five children with two boys and girls alive. No foul play is suspected as police investigations continue.”