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Police following various leads in ‘Gambis’ murder

On Saturday, April 30, many Belize City residents witnessed the murder of Supal Street figure Keon “Gambis” Williams as he was gunned down at the corner of Antelope Street and Central American Boulevard.  Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke on the incident.


“Over the weekend the murder of one Keon Williams was riding his motorcycle on Central American Boulevard when reaching its interception with Antelope Street he was accosted by a vehicle; a grey or whitish looking four door Lincoln from within which a male person we believe fired several shots at him which fatally wounded him. At this time we are still working on a motive in respect to that shooting but we have not arrived at a definitive motive for that shooting as yet.”

The murder comes just weeks after George Street Gang Boss, Gerald “Shiney” Tillet was murdered in Dangriga. The Police cannot say for sure if Gambis murder was an act of retaliation or is connected with gang rivalry.


“Well in every investigation we try to look at every possibility. We try not to leave any stone unturned so we are looking at that possibility yes.”

Williams received gunshot wounds to the neck, shoulder and back. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time after.