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Police Harassment for a Roach?

Police Raid 2Just after midday today, members of the Belize Police Department rained down on a residence on Amara Avenue in Belize, equipped with Apollo, the canine.  Judging from the number of uniformed officers at the scene, you would get the idea that intelligence was leading them to a big yield of illegal substances or items …… but after about thirty minutes of searching, the officers came up with one stick of marijuana which three minors were allegedly sharing in the yard.  Residents of the area were upset at the scene being caused and according to one woman, she feels that the police resources are being wasted.

RESIDENT: “It’s a waste of time. This is ridiculous. About fifty police men in this yard, to search a house just to find nothing?”

Reporter: Is this usual for this residence that police come to search it?

RESIDENT: “No around here isn’t a troubled area so it’s surprising to see that three or four truckloads of police out here and they don’t find anything. They need to try solve the New Year’s murder. They need to do better than this, they didn’t find any weed or any gun.”

Looking on as the police officers placed three minors in one of the mobiles; another woman was very vocal about how frustrating the officers can be.  This woman, Denise Flowers lives in a different area but says that just as recent as Sunday the police were raiding her home in the Saint Martin de Porres area.  Police Raid 3She says it has become frustrating and she now feels that it is unnecessary harassment.

DENISE FLOWERS:  “I am a Baptist and every time the GSU come around and hassle innocent people. Sometimes I am in my bed and they come in and bust into your bed room. Yesterday I called to explain this, we are not saying that the police are not doing their job but sometimes I think the police hassle you too much and provocation is a bad thing. We are not mad at them because they are doing their jobs but sometimes, they pull up on you. Last Sunday I was in my house singing and they pulled up in my house, I’m a mother and I don’t encourage crime. Yes I have a bad son but not because of that the innocent ones should feel. The police are doing their jobs but we have rights just like the police. We have rights, we can’t have them over powering us because they have on a uniform but that is exactly what is going on with the police right now. We are not mad at them. They went to my house the week before last and they beat up my son. We are all citizens and they shouldn’t behave like that, they should do their jobs but do it in a mannerly way. I think sometimes some of them over do. Sometimes I see they take advantage of a lot of guys. Some of those things are wrong, they have a family and we have a family.

It is uncertain as to whether the three male minors will be charged in this incident.