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Police have identified murder victim found on George Price Highway

Police have identified the body that was found on Wednesday afternoon along Mile three of the George Price Highway in Belize City. Yesterday police received a call which led them to the body of 25 year old Linton Wilshire, about three hundred feet in the bushes off the highway. Wilshire was wearing only his boxers. Officer Commanding the Crimes Investigation Branch, Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo told the media that he had a large cut to his throat which was the only injury observed on his body. Today he updated the media in regards to the investigation.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo:

“Last night we managed to get a family member. The person was identified as Lynton Wilshire of a Neal’s Penn Road extension address. So far the police went to his house and they observed some irregularities at his house so we are looking at that angle if there is a possibility that he was taken out of his house either Monday night or Tuesday morning. ”


Is this individual know to the police?

Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo

“Yes they are known to the police since the last sighting of him was on Monday night.”


Now it is rumored that Linton was in an altercation over the weekend with the deceased young man Mr. Ryan is it believed that these two may have been in an altercation with somebody and this being the consequence of the altercation from over the weekend?

Police say Wilshire was last seen alive on Monday night. They believe that he was killed somewhere else and his body was dumped later at the location where he was found. Investigators believe that he may have been there for about 24 hours before he was found.