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Police hold meet and greet session

Police continue their meet and greet initiative in the South and North side of Belize city. Today we found them on Supal Street trying to get feedback from members of that community. Superintendent of Police David Chi, Officer in Command of Precinct one, told us more about their initiative.

Supt. David Chi  – OC, Precinct One

“As you know we continue with the meet and greet throughout the Southside and even sometimes on the north side the other officers were there doing meet and greets. We are just here trying to bridge the gap between the police and the community to have a more cordial relationship to have some peace within the area. As you know this is one of our hot spots within the Southside and we are trying to have some peace, communication and gather information as to how best we can police the area to have safety for the citizens of the city.”

Chi says they have been receiving positive feedback.

Supt. David Chi  – OC, Precinct One

“We are getting positive feedback we are getting opinions and we try to use them to have a better working relationship and to better do our work. Many times the community gives us suggestions in ways we can do things and we use them, we don’t just take their suggestions or opinions and just put them aside we use them to better police the areas that we police daily.”


Have there been any activities since the meet and greet that came from the meet and greet?

Supt. David Chi  – OC, Precinct One

“We have the family days that we do, we have in the Mayflower area , we have from the neighborhood watch in different areas and we have other programs that are coming on board based on this same meet and greet. If you saw just now we were talking to some of the residents from here and they gave us certain suggestions and requests. Sometimes we can’t meet them as quick as they want but we still try and the thing is we get back to the community and explain to them because people want answers they don’t just want to ask questions and not get answers and if we promise them then we must get back to them and tell them that we can’t get it done today but as soon as we can we’ll get it done and many times its not from us, its from other agencies but we are the ones who will be the messengers to take that message to them or bring them in the area. A week ago we were in the Mayflower area and if you noticed we had members from the city council because they had some concerns like drains so we took them in there so that the residents realize that we are working with them because the concern was that it was our second trip there and those were some of the concerns that they had brought up to us.”

Another family day is planned for Sunday says Superintendent Chi, at the Cumberbatch Field.

Supt. David Chi  – OC, Precinct One

On Sunday we’ll be having another family day in this area at the Cumberbatch Field where we will be having basketball and football for the youths, rival gangs trying to bring them together so that they can play together and live together and cooperate with each other without having violence in Belize. Violence affects everyone from the biggest to the smallest and that is the problem that we are trying to solve with the assistance of the community, it must be a partnership with everyone.”