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Police in “Sugar City” remain vigilant of retaliatory violence for the murder of Reynaldo Marchand

And, while things in the Culture Capital seem to be heating up, cops in the north are working double time to keep crime down in “Sugar City”. Since the shooting incident in June when 38-year-old Reynaldo Marchand was shot dead and his cousin 31-year-old Nazir Vasquez was injured, police in Orange Walk Town have been on high alert. The men were socializing in front of Vasquez’s establishment when a gunman and his accomplice arrived on a motorcycle and opened fire. It was believed that retaliatory violence would have followed given that Vasquez is the son of the well-known Ermelindo “Milin” Vasquez. Today, our newsroom asked the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, if that is still the case. Here is his response.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We are not taking nothing for granted I had deployed additional officers to Orange Walk and they remain in place. We do believe that there is an inherent issue in Orange Walk between the different groups that are involved with the cartels and so we must ensure we put things in place to be able to deal with the situations in Orange Walk Town. So we’re monitoring and see how it goes from there but there’s a lot we’re doing in Orange Walk to ensure that there’s no further retaliations.”