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Police interventions extended to Majestic Alley and Jungle crews

Another area of focus for the Department is the tensions that have risen between the Majestic Alley and Jungle crews. These are located in Region 2 division of the City and according to DCP Williams, it is something that the Department is taking very seriously.

DCP Chester Williams, Operations Commander: “I will tell you that right now tensions are really high and the fact that there have been recent deaths within the area have allowed those who would be able to make the peace process more easily they are not really cooperating at this time and so it’s not something that we will be giving up on, we will continue to work with them and I’m sure we will be able to broker something with them to be able to have the two areas not be in conflict with each other. What we are also doing currently is that hopefully by the end of this week we will have a surveillance camera installed in Majestic Alley and one in Jungle, so we will be able to monitor the activity of those persons within those respective areas by way of the surveillance cameras. We have also put in place additional patrols in both areas and we have put a buffer between both groups to prevent either group from going over to the other group’s area, all with a view to try and prevent the spate of shootings from occuring in those areas. So we are also partnering with the churches, we met with the council of churches and we have agreed in principle is that one of the things that we will be doing is that the churches will be going with us in those respective areas and we will be holding spirituality sessions with the different persons with a view to see how we can help from a spiritual point of view those persons who might be able to change their minds and hearts in trying to become more productive citizens.”