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Police investigate: cannabis bust, robbery and drowning

The police department was very busy over the weekend, but not with murders. Officers have responded to two robberies in Belize City. The first happened at Pacheco’s Jewelry Shop at 66 East Collet Canal. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo, the officer in charge of CIB for Belize City, the employee of the store Britney Myers was robbed at gunpoint.

ASP ALejandro Cowo: “Two male persons entered the business establishment, one of them armed with firearm who pointed the firearm at her and demanded her to hand over the jewelries that was inside of a show glass inside of the business establishment. One of the male person ordered her to lay down on the floor which she complied; thereafter one of them jumped over the counter and cleaned all of the jewelries that was inside of the show glass. As a result the two male person ran from the business establishment and quick police response led to the detention of one Delroy Rodrick Chaplin. He was pursued and Police found all the jewelries in his passion and as a result of that he was arrested and charged for the crime of robbery.”

There was a second suspect in the robbery but the police have not located him as yet

The second robbery also occurred on the south side of Belize City. A grocery store was held up at 68 Euphrates Avenue. The cops say the suspects are minors.

ASP ALejandro Cowo: Mohamed Nazeem Ahmed a Bangladeshi National business owner of United grocery and laundry Mart reported that sometime after 7:15 he was inside of his business establishment when four male persons entered the business establishment. One of them were armed with a firearm and he demanded that he hand over the money that he had inside of the establishment. One of the male persons pointed the firearm at him and the other one entered by jumping the counter and made a way with $500 and two cellphone and led to a total value of $2500 Belize currency. In regards to this Police has detained a minor who is presently in Police custody being questioned.

The minor is well known to police.

There was also a report of a suspicious and unlikely attempted kidnapping story that was verbally told to the police. ACP Joseph Myvett says that after relating the strange story to them the adult and minor refused to make an official complaint

Acp Joseph Myvette:  Addressing a concern of attempted adoption in San Pedro Village Corozal sometime around 7pm last night Police responded to an area in Cristo Roy Village where upon arrival they met a 20 year old male and a 15 year old female who made a verbal report to them that both of them were inside a white vehicle parked somewhere in a Cane field within the area and whilst there another vehicle drove and stopped behind them for a while which caused them to get frightened and then they left the area further into the cane fields where they called the Police however they were not able to identify either the vehicle nor driver and neither at any time did they mention that they were approached by whoever was in the vehicle and so far they have refused any further cooperation with the Police in terms of giving an official report or statements.

Jose Sanchez: “Did the adult and the minor say what they were doing in the white vehicle in the cane field?”
ACP Joseph Myvette: “No they haven’t.”

Neither the 20-year-old male or the 15-year-old female explained to the police why they were in the cane field in the first place.

While police in Belize City busted a woman with a little over 4 pounds of weed, officers in Dangriga also pulled in 4.6 pounds of marijuana during a drug bust.  Joseph Myvett, the Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch explained how officers from Dangriga found the cannabis.

Acp Joseph Myvette: On the 25th of October sometime around 6pm Dangriga Police conducted a house search at the home of Andrew Garcia and Anabelle Perez. The search resulted in the discovery of two black plastic bags containing  suspected Cannabis which when when weighed amounted to 2089 grams. Both persons have since been arrested and charged for drug trafficking.”

In Orange Walk, police received a report of a suspicious vehicle that was parked on a street. When officers investigated, they found a Range Rover that had license plates and an insurance sticker that did not match up. The vehicle was towed and then, the cops said, someone drove off with it.

Acp Joseph Myvette: On the 23rd of October sometime around 8pm Orange walk Police were on patrol on Sapodilla St. where they observed a black Range rover with a Dangriga License plate however closer inspection of the vehicle revealed that the insurance sticker on the vehicle had different license plate. The area was canvased  an no useful information was had, the driver was not found and as a result the Police then got the vehicle towed to the Orange Walk Police station where it was parked in a parking lot opposite the Orange walk Police Station compound.”

Reporter: “I think the last update we had was that Police were reviewing surveillance footage to see if it caught anyone in that area.”

ACP Joseph Myvette:So far we haven’t gotten any headway in regards to that but there is an ongoing investigation. We know who the vehicle was registered, at least the license plate that was on the vehicle. That person have not yet been found by the Police as well but we know for certain that the vehicle was taken from there from the compound where it was parked, we do not know if it was the owner or the person in whose name the vehicle was registered as neither himself or the vehicle has been found since.”

The body of a sixty-four-year-old man was fished out of the Mopan River. The police said they do not believe there was any foul play surrounding the death of Jose Rivas.

ACP Joseph Myvette: The body of Jose Rivas which was retrieved from the Mopan River on the 26th. He was reported missing on the 24th by family members in Benque Viejo town, he is 64 years old. On the 26th sometime around 9:30 am Police were called to the Mopan River in the vicinity of Succotz Village where they observed the lifeless body of a hispanic male later identified as Jose Rivas floating in the river, the body was retrieved and transported to the morgue where a post mortem was conducted. The results of the post mortem is undetermined due to the advanced state of decomposition that the body was in however further investigation is being done into this matter.

A week ago, a taxi driver, Abel Chi went swimming and also drowned in the Mopan River.