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Police Investigate Cases of Robbery and Burglary in OW

On October third, a Belizean business woman of Dolphin Street in Orange Walk Town reported that while in her kitchen, three male persons entered with their faces covered with black stockings. One of them reportedly went inside the kitchen and took all the money that she usually keeps there.  While the other assailant had what appeared to be a black firearm and pointed it at her head and hit her on her upper back area. The assailant then robbed her of her gold jewelry.  The culprits then ran out of the house making good their escape. She went inside and noticed that the nine hundred dollars inside the microwave was missing along with a Black Samsung Galaxy S-5 phone valued at one thousand dollars along with other assorted items all to a total value of four thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars.  Police are investigating.


Perla Aldana of San Jose Palmar Village, Orange Walk District reported that on October fourth her uncle went to start a stone crusher that is parked in front of her house and it did not start. Upon making checks on the machine he noticed that six lengths of wire which consist of mainly copper wire were cut and stolen. Each length of cable measures about six feet and is valued at six thousand to a total value of thirty six thousand dollars. Further checks revealed that a truck battery valued at five hundred was also missing all to a total value of thirty six thousand five hundred dollars. Police are investigating.