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Police Investigate Death of Elderly Man

When Love News first reported on the death of sixty-three-year-old Francisco Bah we had reported it as a case of murder. Police Commissioner Chester Williams corrected our newsroom almost immediately saying it was not a murder investigation. But the family does not share the Commissioner’s sentiment, as they believe that the elderly man was indeed murdered. At this point, only a post mortem examination will officially determine the true cause of Bah’s demise. Bah was found dead in an area between miles 25 and 26 on the Southern Highway on Saturday morning. The Hummingbird Community resident left his home on Friday to collect his pay in Belmopan and never returned. His daughter thirty-year-old Bernalda Ba told our newsroom about the last conservation she had with her father later Saturday evening.

Bernalda Bah, Daughter of Deceased: “I called him at 7:15 and it was my last call that I gave my dad. I asked him where he was and he told me that he was in Santa Martha Village, that’s is where they dropped him. So he told me that two persons they robbed him and beat him up, beat him badly because the way I saw his face was not him alone.”

Reporter:  You told your father to sleep in the bush for the night. What was running through your head.

Bernalda Bah, Daughter of Deceased: “So my dad was not too drunk because he told me who are the people. He told me who hurt him. Yes I told my dad to go sleep in the bush because I don’t want them to hurt him you see what happened now they hurt him. I think they heard that I am on the phone with my dad, that is what I am saying. I’m not too sure but how comes they killed my dad? My dad is a loving person. I just miss him and he left his family and he left my mom.”

While Bah is now a memory engraved in the minds of his loved ones, his daughter says she wants justice for his death.

Bernalda Bah, Daughter of Deceased: “My dad was a good person. He doesn’t hang with anybody, he doesn’t mess with anybody. He was a good person. We want justice. We want to know who did my dad. I really want justice for my dad because come on that’s a human being, everybody should love one another you know but it just hurt me. All of us will never know, my dad is a good person, he is a loving person, he didn’t hang with anybody”

Bah was found with abrasions to the face and a broken left foot. Investigators have labelled the incident as a “death investigation”. Bah leaves behind six children and his wife.