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Police Investigate Idle Bomb Threats made in Belize City

Following a bomb threat call that was made on Wednesday, several police officers and personnel of the bomb squad rigorously searched two different locations in Belize City for explosives, only to find out the alert was a hoax. The employees, many of whom are public servants at the Charles Bartlett Hyde Building on Mahogany Street and the Treasury Department on Coney Drive, were evacuated and speculations were made on whether it was a part of the current strike action by the unions. Today, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media that while the police have managed to obtain the number that made the call, they are still unsure who exactly is responsible for the criminal act.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We have looked at the issue of the bomb threat. We have obtained the number that made the call. We have also obtained a name but you know that people do fictitious applications. Nonetheless we’re looking at the information we have obtained with a view to see if we can ascertain who the owner of the phone is and if we can get to that information then the owner will have to give account as to how his or her number was able to call the treasury department in Belize City and report of a bomb threat.”

Reporter: But were they linked though because it was two. Treasury and Belize Tax Service.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “They’re in the same building I think.” 

Reporter: No you have complex and then Coney Drive it was two.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Okay well the one at Treasury I’m talking about.”

Reporter:  There were speculations that the call may have been linked to some sort of industrial actions, to one of the unions, are you investigating that angle ? Has that come up any at all in terms of this individual ?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: ” I listened to an interview given by Dean Flowers the First Vice President of the PSU I think it was that same morning where he said that they’re leaving it now to their members to determine the course of action that they would like to take, maybe that could be one of their course of action I don’t know but it can be deduced that it is members of the union.”

In an interview conducted yesterday, the Minister of Education said that many public officers would be receiving their paychecks late, our newsroom has since been informed that only a small majority will be affected in that case.