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Police Investigate the Mysterious Death of a Man Up North

Police are investigating the death of Daniel Rios. Rios was found with head and body injuries on Sunday at the entrance of Rhaburn Ridge Village between miles thirty-five and thirty-six on the Philip Goldson Highway. The victim’s bother told investigators that Rios was waiting for a bus. Investigators are trying to establish if it was a traffic incident or Rios was attacked. Police Press Officer ASP Fitzroy Yearwood shared more.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “At the entrance of Rhaburns Ridge Village where upon arrival police found a male person later identified as Daniel Rios a Belizean construction worker. He was seen with head and body injuries on the side of the road. His mother Maria relayed to police that her son called earlier that he was going to visit them at Rhaburn Ridge and he was about to board a bus. At 6pm she received a call from her son that he was on the highway hurt. How he was hurt he didn’t relay to his mother but we are  certain that police are trying to establish what may have taken place out there because I know that you’re familiar with this area,  this was the area some years ago where PC Hall was bludgeoned on that same stretch near Rhaburn Ridge. We are not saying that the incidents are related but the houses out there are situated a little distance from each other. So we have officers out there campaigning to see if we can establish what may have taken place out there to cause his death. Initially at the scene we as police officers rely on what’s at face value at that time but because there is no denotation whether he as knocked down or something else may have happened we cannot say if it is consistent with road traffic accident as yet.”

Reporter: Have investigators been able to speak to any witnesses in the area ?

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “Well I mentioned that they are out there canvassing as we speak. They spoke to his mother who would be the closest witness who spoke to him momentarily before he was discovered motionless. But we are asking the general public if they may have some form of information that they believe might be able to help us in this investigation for them to please come forward and talk to your local police, we need your help.”