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Police Investigate Whether the Death of a Pregnant Woman was Suicide or Homicide

A pregnant woman of San Pedro Town is dead and Police are questioning whether it was a case of suicide or homicide. 20-year-old, Abrie Brianna Tuyul was found inside the bathroom of her home in the San Pedrito area on Friday evening just before six o’clock. At the scene, Police found a noose made out of a wire hanger and a piece of cloth. Suspicions, however, arose after neighbors reported that they had heard a domestic disturbance between the victim and her partner, 41-year-old, Enrique Alamilla. Additional reports say that hours had passed before Alamilla alerted the Police on the incident. According to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Fitzroy Yearwood, police are looking at the incident from various angles.

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “Initial investigation revealed that she was at home wither her child and common law husband where neighbors reported that they heard what appeared to be an argument going on between her and the common law. We have received reports that the child was seen seated at a window from about three o’clock in the afternoon and sometime after five the common law came out the apartment that he had closed up and asked one of the neighbors for money to buy a smoke. At this time he didn’t mention anything about the whereabouts of his common law until a few minutes later when he said that she apparently hurt herself. Our investigators have detained him since and we are investigating this death from different angles. We believe that due to the nature leading up to her being discovered that it has warranted us to believe that something other than suicide may have occurred. Investigators have interviewed some neighbors so far who would suggest that the couple argue on a regular basis and it is believed that on Friday it climaxed and either which way that it went a life was lost. She lost her life and we have to treat this case very seriously because at the end of the day only two adults were in that apartment and one is saying one thing and the investigators have to speak for the deceased. So like I said we are interviewing people and hopefully we could get some clarity into this matter.”

Tuyul was two weeks away from giving birth to her second child, and her death has sparked outrage on the island. Today, the Town Councilor responsible for Women, Youth and Children Affairs, Danielle Aranda spoke to Love News about the incident and how it has gripped the community.

Danielle Aranda, Councilor San Pedro: “Our community is really outraged and everyone is hurt. She left a two year old daughter behind. Of what I know of Ms.Tuyul she had so much future and it was all cut short. Two months ago through the town council I have opened an office where women can come here and it’s a safe space to come and tell us what’s going on, what’s affecting them out there in the community. So far that’s the approach we have taken. Also we’ve been doing free legal advice for the women. The first week of October since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month we had a free legal advice to inform them of the process and their rights.”

Police have since detained Tuyul’s common-law husband Enrique Alamilla pending further investigations.