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Police Investigates Death of Man Found in Punta Gorda

Police have detained a number of persons in connection with a murder in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

PAUL MAHUNG: The lifeless body of a male person was found yesterday in Punta GordaLove News spoke to Senior Superintendent Simeon Alvarez. 

Simeon Alvarez: “On Sunday the 10th of January 2016 sometime around 8:30am upon information recieved Punta Gorda police visted an area in the new city of Punta Gorda town where they saw what appeared to be the body of a male person of Hispanic descent lying face down in water inside a well. At around 4:22pm the pathologist conducted a post mortem on the spot and at the conclusion sometime around 5pm he observed that the victim who was later identified to be one Jarell Edward Pop, 19 years old of a Punta Gorda address with multiple stab wounds to the abdomen and to the neck. The body was later removed from the scene where it was taken to the Punta Gorda cemetary where it was laid to rest.”

Paul Mahung: Has anyone been detained as yet?

Simeon Alvarez: “At this time we have seven persons detained pending investigation into this murder.”

Paul Mahung: Is there any motive so far?

Simeon Alvarez: “The motive at this time we are still searching for that but we don’t want to speculate at this time but we are working on that to find out what caused this incident to occur.”