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Police investigates family’s allegation against Bella Vista Police

Police are now looking into the case of Jose Pop, the teenager who was assaulted by two civilians and taken to the Bella Vista Police Station on June 28 in San Isidro Village in the Toledo District. Pop’s family allege that he was taken from a neighbor’s house, where he sought refuge, by two men, one armed with a machete and another with a firearm. The family claim that police in Bella Vista and Independence have refused to take their statement. Today, police confirmed that Pop has indeed been charged for ammunition, but following the family’s allegation, they are now investigating the circumstances surrounding his detention.  ACP Joseph Myvett briefed the media today.

ACP Joseph Myvett: Sometime around the 24th of June there was report of a burglary in progress where one of the Pop brothers was caught by some civilians during a burglary. He was then handed over to the police and has since been charged and is remanded to prison. Subsequently a few days later there was an attempt to burglarize the same house by the brother of the accused where he was again caught by some civilians and handed over to the police. In the process police conducted a search on him where I believe one 9mm round was found on him for which he has since been charged along with the attempted burglary and is now remanded in prison. As we speak the police is in the process of recording a statement from those person who are alleging that they were witnesses to the incident.

Reporter: Ok so now they’ve made multiple allegations that in fact one of the people who committed and aggravated assault on the young Mr. Pop the 15 year old in fact planted the single live round on him and that in fact there is complicity from the Bella Vista police in doing this. Would you speak about that allegation?

ACP Joseph Myvett: Well that allegation was not specifically brought to our attention but as I mention to you the police is in the process of recording a statement from those persons who are making that allegation.

ACP Myvett says that police are also looking into the allegation that one of the civilians who detained Pop was armed with a firearm.