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Police Investigates Separate Shooting Incidents in Rural Belize

Ladyville police are investigating reports by two men who were injured in separate shootings. According to authorities, on 32 year old Christopher Meighan told police that shortly after four Thursday afternoon he was sitting inside the pan of a grey Ford Ranger pickup along with 4 men when they stopped on the Lemonal Road opposite the Bermudian Landing Baptist Church. They heard a loud bang after which Meighan felt a burning sensation on his right arm. When he checked, he noticed he was bleeding from a small wound. Ladyville Police Also visited a farm located on Texas Road, Scotland Half moon village where 29 year old Timothy Schrock, farmer of Isabella Bank Village who told them that earlier that same day, a few minutes before four o’clock, he was driving his Tractor on the same Lemonal Road Heading to Scotland Village, and upon reaching beside the Bermudian Landing Baptist Church he heard a noise and felt a stinging sensation to his right side and he noticed a hole in his shirt and a red mark to his left side of abdomen. Sherlock did not see anyone so he continued on his way. Police have been on the case and have learned that the weapon used was a pellet gun as the injuries sustained by both men were not major. Authorities are investigating whether the shootings were accidental or intentional and have a suspect.