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Police investigating alleged forgery

The Major Crimes Unit of the Belize Police Department is investigating the allegation made by Amy Forte. What appears to be Forte’s signature, appears on land documents that has to do with a transaction involving Andre Vega, son of Former UDP Minister Gaspar Vega and 7 acres of land on Mosquito Caye. Forte has, through her attorney, stated that her signature was forged prompting the Prime Minister to order an investigation be done into the matter. Acting Commissioner of Police Noel Leal updated the media on the investigation.

Acting Commissioner of Police Noel Leal

“I have assigned Assistant Superintendent of Police from the major crimes unit from the day the Prime Minister informed us about the information. So far that investigation is being done at two levels it is being done at the Belize City level where the complainant and her attorneys are mostly based and it is also being done from the Belmopan in regards to the lands department and I must say that the investigators have gotten in touch with the attorneys and we have not been able to get a written complaint yet from the complainant but we are expecting to do that now and as of this morning when I had a briefing with the commanders just before coming here that was the task they were pursuing so hopefully we will get the complainant in. I understand that she may be out of the city or district but the attorney has assured us that they will get her in to give us a statement but we have a lot of the documents being put together and hopefully we will be able to complete the investigation in relatively short time.”

Reporter: Are you able to say who is leading the investigation?

Acting Commissioner of Police Noel Leal:

“Well it’s under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr. Solomon Westby who is heading the Major Crimes unit and he is being assisted from the Belize City side by Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr. Alejandro Cowo and other team members. We are getting good cooperation from all the angles that we are pursuing but at the end of the day as I had indicated earlier in the press release, we forward everything that we have to the DPP for further advice but we tend to try to put an airtight case and if she advises us that we still need to do a bit more we will be doing that.”

Since the allegation was made, Vega has said that the land deal was made through a land agent. He has also stated that he is willing to relinquish all rights to the piece of land.