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Police investigating chopping incident in Yemeri Grove Village

On Tuesday, a disagreement between an uncle, 65-year-old Elvis Coleman and his nephew, 37-year-old Mark Cadle escalated into a chopping incident in southern Belize.  As a result of the incident, Coleman was hospitalized.  ACP Joseph Myvett, the Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch told the media that the incident occurred shortly after seven on Tuesday night.

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: “Punta Gorda police respond to a chopping incident at Yemeri Grove Village where upon arrival they met one Elvis Coleman 65 years with chop wounds. He reported to them that himself and his nephew one Mark Cadle had an altercation where Cadle inflicted the said injuries to him. Police also located Cadle who had a stab wound to the left side of his abdomen. He has since been treated at the Punta Gorda Hospital and has been released into the custody of Police pending charges. Mr. Coleman is in a stable condition at this time.”

The incident occurred in Yemeri Grove Village in the Toledo District.