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Police investigating fatal traffic incident

In yesterday’s newscast, we told you of a fatal traffic incident which took place on Central American Blvd in Belize City on Tuesday night claiming the life of 52-year-old Rudolph Kelly. Police are investigating the matter further since cut wounds were found on the body. ASP Alejandro Cowo explains.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “The Police is also investigating the matter of up to now looking like a road traffic accident where Mr. Kelly lost control of his vehicle and crash at the roundabout. What we understand is that upon inspection of him at the Hospital Police observed that he had two cut wounds to the arm. What we know is that he had just left from 8 miles and came back to Belize City and we cannot ascertain how he got that injury at the moment. The family members have been interviewed but there is little we can share in regards to that; all we know is that he was passing by the Police Check Point the one by Central American Blvd. where he informed the police that he had received an injury and that he was in a hurry to the hospital, just reaching the roundabout he lost control and he crash in to the lamb post. There the Birth personnel assistance and he was taken to the hospital, while he was receiving treatment he succumbed to his injuries.”