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Police investigating fire on T-Street

Police are also investigating a fire which occurred earlier this week on T-Street which was occupied by one person who had recently moved to the premises.  At yesterday’s press brief, ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch briefed the media on the incident.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: The house fire which took place on Monday the 2nd of July just minutes after 5 o’clock Police personnel and Fire department personnel responded to the #32 Tea St. Belize City where upon arrival they observed a wooden structure house measuring approximately 15 x 20 engulfed in flames. The Fire department managed to extinguish the fire but at the time the house was completely destroyed along with its contents. The owner of the house is Ms. Gilda Jones a 59 year old Belizean from #32 Tea St. and what we have gathered so far is that she was at the house minutes before the fire and she had left from there to visit one of her in laws which is three houses away from where she lives and upon there at the in-laws she was informed that her house was on fire and upon making checks she observed that the house was almost destroyed. The Fire department had initially provided a report that to them that there is some indication that it might be Arson but this matter is still being followed and investigated by the Police department.

The fire occurred on Monday evening. The occupant of the house as well as officials believes that it was arson.