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Police investigating Orange Walk robbery

Burglaries and robberies are typically crimes of opportunity; however, a group of men committed a well-executed heist at a store in Orange Walk Town, worthy of a Tom Cruise movie. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino explained how this group of men accomplished this “mission impossible”.

Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB, Belize City: “This morning, the second of August sometime around 1am, a 52  year old security guard Jose Matus for Odette’s Home Center, and this would be in Orange Walk which is located at the corner of Main Street and Baker’s Street in Orange Walk. He reported that at about 1AM whilst at the business he was accosted by three male individuals who were masked and they tied him up, covered his eyes and mouth with duct tape and the three apparently entered the business through the roof. They made their way inside the building and from there they stole an assortment of electronic devices and an undisclosed amount of money. The security guard then managed to untie himself and called the police. Police are seeking three suspects at this time; no one has been detained as yet. Police do have an idea of who they may be looking for. From what we know at this point is that it was more cellular phones.”