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Police Investigating Several Robberies

Then turning to other weekend crimes, there was a break-in at Saint Andrew’s Anglican Primary School in Cayo District. Principal Sharee Gutierrez reported that she got a call from a concerned resident, who saw someone leaving the school grounds with two sacks of cement. Gutierrez made her way to the school and found that the store room locks were broken off the door. Some plastic chairs, cement, some tiles and the padlocks were stolen.  Meanwhile in Belmopan, Police are investigating a number of burglaries in that area. One of the incidents happened on Thursday night at the Art Box just outside the city limits. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to Xavier Little who oversees the property.

Xavier Little, Caretaker, ARTBOX: “I came on Thursday doing my usual routine, checking the grounds and property and I noticed that the container had been opened and the lock had been cut and I checked the other two containers and the locks on those as well had been cut and upon further investigation I noticed that there were clothes that were thrown out, some tools and a bike was taken. When I came back to check the first container there was a toolbox missing, some tools and some clothes. On this particular area there are no surveillance which looking at doing but as far as suspicious people I did notice someone on a motorcycle that looked like he was looking at it on Tuesday and I should have taken a picture but I did not.”

Police are asking the public’s assistance in identifying a man who broke into Ceviche Express in the King’s Park area of Belize City. It happened just after nine o’clock on Friday night. The burglar was caught on surveillance video entering the property and seeking a possible way inside the establishment. After getting in he then proceeded to steal several items from the restaurant. ASP Alejandro Cowo says that they are following this case closely.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB, Belize City: “I believe that it happened Friday night however the proprietors they visited the station until yesterday to make an official report and police is looking into that report.”

From the footage, the shirtless man had his face concealed but has tattoos on his right arm and back. If you have any information that can help authorities get to the bottom of this, call the nearest police station, Crime Stoppers or the owners at 668-2071.

A teenager, who is already facing charges in the shooting of a woman in September 2020, is back in police custody after he allegedly was involved in the armed hold up of three Bowen and Bowen employees. 19-year-old, Nathaniel Betancourt and 24-year-old, Andrew Paredes are being questioned by Police after the driver of a Bowen and Bowen delivery truck reported that whilst in the Kontiki Area of San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, he was robbed by three males. One of the men was armed with a pump twelve action shotgun; another with a crowbar and the third was armed with a knife. The incident transpired on Saturday evening at around four o’clock when 46-year-old, Gilbert Phillips was delivering beverage products along with two other men. One of the assailants reportedly got into the cab of the truck and attempted but failed to open the cash box. The men subsequently robbed the workers of about two hundred and fifty dollars along with a cellular phone. ASP Alejandro Cowo spoke on the prevalence of this type of crime during today’s press briefing.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB, Belize City: “When it comes to these delivery trucks they deliver within a wide area in San Ignacio and probably those persons who are committing these crimes believe that they have large sums of money, probably that is what is driving them to hold up these trucks but as far as we know that those trucks sometimes they maintain minimum cash, they don’t have cash it’s normally they do delivery upon request of one or two previous days.”

Police had recovered several items, including some clothing and the crowbar believed to be used in committing the crime. Love News understands that a third man is currently being sought.