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Police investigating triple murder

Three persons are dead including a Belize City School Principal.  It was after three o’clock this afternoon when the news began circulating of a triple homicide.  Our news team quickly responded to mile ten on the George Price Highway and found police officers cordoning off the crime scene – a white bungalow house.  It is a house that is familiar to the police as it was recently burglarized and several persons were charged in connection to that burglary.  Tonight, however, police are gathering evidence to see if the killer or killers left a trail.  The female victim, Alarice Andrewin, had only been Acting as the Principal for Excelsior High School for the last six months.  Javier Castellanos, the School’s Chairman is the one who alerted the police.

Javier Castellanos – Chairman of Excelsior High School: I went to the office at about 1:30 and the reason why I went there is because I was trying to contact her and I didn’t have any response so when I reached to the office I asked the secretary if Ms. Andrewin was in and she informed me that she did not report to work from this morning. Since she would inform me or inform the secretary of her absence I decided to call Hattieville Police Station because about a month ago she had a break in, in her home. That was my concern so I decided to call Hattieville to see if they can make a check for me to see if the principal is at home and to see if she is okay. I called the Hattieville Police Station and they decided to go and check. I believe she had a friend she would usually come with when she does not have any company, she comes with a friend but I don’t know his name. For the short time that I knew her which is about three to six months she was very active, a young lady that really wanted to work hard to prove herself and also to help Excelsior High School to improve. We were on that path there to improve the school situation and the upliftment of the school. She was a very energetic young lady but about a month ago she informed us that her house was burglarized. She mentioned that the police were passing by at the same time and they caught the burglars with the tv and other stuff. She was to press charges but she was holding a reservation on that because she was scared.”

Later in our newscast, we will have comment from the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, as he is at the crime scene at this hour along with investigators./