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Police investigators continue to probe into the brutal murder of Marcelina Makin

The police department is awaiting the results of Marcelina Makin’s post-mortem examination to determine whether she was sexually assaulted before being brutally murdered. The thirty-seven-year-old was found murdered yesterday morning at the cemetery in Independence Village, Stann Creek District. The mother of three was found lying face down with cut wounds to the head and face. She was reportedly last seen on Friday at the restaurant in the village where she was employed. Today, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, stated that investigations are working to gather additional details in hopes of bringing Makin’s killer to justice.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I know that the body has been identified of that of a waitress. I don’t think we have made any significant progress with the investigation. Investigators are still out trying to gather as much as they can. We need to start off from when she was last seen who she was last seen with, where if anything she went come up with who she went so these are things that we’re trying to get the answer for now and hopefully that will be able to give us some lead in respect to the matter. We also need to look at if she had a boyfriend, if there is some possibility that it could have been him so there are things that we’re looking at to try and get to the bottom of that.”