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Police issues advisory to public

Senior Superintendent of Police commanding Eastern Division South, Chester Williams also sent out a warning for those who love to drink alcohol beverage in public. He says that while the law permits you to drink in public during these sorts of celebrations you must do it properly.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“We know that we are in the festive season and while the liquor licensing act makes provision that one cannot consume alcoholic beverages in public it also makes provisions in time of celebration which the 10th, Carnival and 21st would fall within that category. Section 44 of the act does speak that alcohol can be consumed in public but it is clear in the law that in order for you to consume alcohol in public on those days the alcohol being consumed must be in either plastic, paper or Styrofoam containers. If the alcohol being consumed is in glass or metal or bottle containers you will be in violation of the act. What I did today was send an advisory to people who may want to be on the street corner watching the 10th or Carnival or 21st parade I just told them that while they can drink in public this is how they must do it and the reason being that we want to ensure the safety of all persons during this festive season and if you consume alcohol in bottles or glass or metal containers that can be used as a form of weapon and we want to remove as much weapons from off the streets on those days that way it makes the police job easy and you consuming alcohol you also contribute to your own personal safety.”