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Police latest strategy to help curb crime

The Police Department is pulling out all the stops in order to bring crime under control and restore confidence in the department. One of the latest strategies is setting up an office that will be used to execute crime interventions.  ACP Robert Mariano, Eastern Region Commander, explains.

ACO Robert Mariano, Eastern Regional Commander: “Since I have taken over command of Eastern Police Division. I notice that there have been several tensions with the different groups here within Belize City but in order to diffuse tension with the different rival groups and also to work with the different organizations that have offered assistance to the Belize Police Department. We have since set up a new office at the Raccoon St. Police Station and this office is referred to as the Conflict Resolution Office. This office will work to deal with intervention and mediation. They will also work in conjunction with CYDP and they will be dealing specifically to coordinate all mediation and intervention directly from my office. I believe that working with different groups or to mediate with the different groups will help us diffuse a lot of tensions and so that is one of the main issue intend to work on in the next few weeks.”