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Police Looking for Suspects in Belize City Shooting

In Belize City, shots were fired around five-thirty on Sunday morning on Vernon Street. Police Press Officer Asp Fitzroy Yearwood told reporters that a group of men was walking on Vernon Street towards Central American Boulevard when the incident occurred. Reportedly, someone exited a yard and fired several shots in the group’s direction. Police immediately responded and saw three young male persons running towards Banak Street. ASP Yearwood said that investigators have identified several suspects. 

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer, B.P.D.: “Police officer was working a special duty at a Chinese establishment when a grey Ford arrived at the scene and two men armed with firearms alighted the vehicle when one tried to fire upon Kenrick Gordon. The firearm apparently snapped. The officer’s quick thinking, he managed to detain the driver of that vehicle. The men that were armed with the firearms made good their escape. One ran towards the direction of Roger’s Stadium and the other ran somewhere in the Lake View St. area. Now police officers were following up on that incident where on yesterday morning they heard what appeared to be gunshots being fired somewhere in the Lake View and Vernon st area. They responded. Again, these men eluded the officers but a thorough search of the area ended up in the officers finding a 9mm pistol with a magazine with ammunition in it. This was labelled as ‘found property’ but we know who we are looking for for this incident and we have since that time, since yesterday, done several operations where we have seen several persons from Mayflower area being detained. The details of whether any charges will be done will be sent to you as soon as we do, if we do any.”