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Police looking for suspect for Orange Walk Murder

21-year-old Jose Medina’s life was cut short when he was shot and killed last week Thursday while walking on the street next to his girlfriend. Though there were people in the area, the police department is having a hard time finding any Orange Walk resident who can assist them in their investigation. The police say not even Medina’s girlfriend, Lucia Luna has  been fully cooperating with the officers.

 ASP Alejandro Cowo: “ I know that  the Police have recorded statements concerning several persons. I know that a vehicle that was alleged that was used as the getaway vehicle is in Police custody and I also note that the female that was shot along with him was interviewed and however she is not cooperating to the fullest with the investigation. Yes we have several names that are being called out and that is what the Police in Orange Walk is following up at this moment.”

A suspect showed up to the police station and he was questioned and released.