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Police Maintained Presence at Supreme Court for Chief Justice’s Ruling

A notable number of law enforcement members were present at the Supreme Court this morning while Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin was handing down the ruling for the Caleb Orozco case. We asked assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams about the security personnel and his opinion on the ruling.


“We know that there are persons from both sides who have their own issues and concerns and the police are just here to ensure that law and order is enforced, that no one overacts and commits a breach of the law. So we’re just here to maintain law and order.”


“Was there a substantial fear that this might get violent?”


“We have no information that that would have been the case but as a police department we believe in being proactive in what we do and so we are out here just to make sure that things run  smoothly. I think the Chief Justice was thorough and rulings and his judgment was based on legal principles and as an attorney I personally do not see any issues with his judgment I think it’s a perfect one.”