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Police make an arrest in Garrido’s Murder

Police have moved swiftly to make an arrest in the latest murder in Belize City. A construction worker was gunned down inside his home last night. Reporter Johnelle McKenzie has the story.

The ongoing gun violence continues to claim lives and disrupt families. 30-year-old Erbin Enrique Garrido, a construction worker, is the latest victim who was shot and killed inside his home, which is located in the Set Site area of Belize City shortly after 8:00 last night. The family is trying to come to terms with the fact that their loved one was killed. Garrido’s sister, Elisa Chan, shared with the media how she learnt of her brother’s death.

Sister of Deceased: “I was just, I was celebrating my birthday and I got a call just to confirm it and then I got into a group chat and I spoke to a police man and he told me- I said ‘please tell me that it wasn’t my brother who got shot.’ and he asked what my brother’s name was and I gave him the name and when I gave him the name he asked me if I didn’t have a picture of him and so I sent him the picture; he then told me that yes it was the person and he said that he got shot in his chest and he died. So I left where I was and we went to the hospital and we met the mobile there and then I looked in the mobile and I saw my brother wrapped up in a blanket and I moved and opened the blanket and I identified him from a tattoo that he has on his right hand and I told my sister and we burst out and said yes that is my brother. I moved the sheet from his face and saw that it was him. He was still warm, a little blood was on his ears and I only saw the gunshot that was on the left side of his chest when the doctor came to pronounce him dead. One gunshot in his chest and I guess that is what killed him.”

At today’s Meet & Greet, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams briefed the media on Garrido’s murder.

ACP Chester Williams, Belize Police Department: “I can tell you that since the incident occured last night the police have been very busy trying to see what we can gather in terms of what may have led to the unfortunate death of Mr.Garrido and we have since obtain statements from witnesses who have given us their account of what took place and we also have in custody the main suspect who is one Anthony Velasquez and Anthony Velasquez is expected to be charged by the end of today for the murder of Mr.Garrido. From our investigation it is a case where these two gentlemen had a previous misunderstanding and it is alleged that just about seven days ago Mr.Garrido had inflicted stab wounds to Mr.Velasquez. Mr.Velasquez nonetheless did not report that matter to the police, I guess he might have intended to take his own action and that manifested itself last night and so since then we have been on the case and we believe we are where we want to be in terms of the evidence against Mr.Velasquez and he should be charged by the end of the day today.”

Garrido leaves behind four children.