Police make arrest in the murder of Denver Montero

Police make arrest in the murder of Denver Montero

Police have arrested the man they believe murdered 26-year-old Denver Montero over the weekend near the river in Gracie Rock village. On Sunday evening, Montero was swimming in the river with a group of people when a group of men approached them. The thieves, comprised of men and minors, then robbed the group, but not before shooting Montero and Ryan Kerr. Montero died on the scene, while Kerr was rushed to the hospital for medical attention. Quick police response led to the apprehension of five minors and seven men in a minivan near Hattieville Village. Yesterday, police formally arrested and charged, 35-year-old Tyrone Devon Young for the murder of Denver Denmark Montero. Young was also charged with one count of attempted murder and one count of use of deadly means of harm against Ryan Kerr. However, no charges have been laid in relation to the robbery. According to Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, that’s because the victims are not willingly cooperating with police. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I must commend police in Hattieville for the swift response to this matter as they intercepted on the highway the said van with twelve occupants. A search of the van yielded nothing but the persons were detained pending the outcome of the police investigation. Subsequent to that police recorded statements and interviewed a number of persons and that led to the arrest of Tyrone Young for the crime of murder. We’re still looking for I think another Young, Tyrone Young’s son and one Aaron Smith who will also be charged in respect to the murder and the incident at Gracie Rock. Police also conducted an intense search of the area where the incident occurred and that led to the recovery of one 9mm pistol and several expended shells. The weapon we believe was the weapon of choice used in the commission of the crime and so again good police work in terms of the work done by CIB to put the pieces together and quick response from the Hattieville police who did the initial interception led to the arrest and we see how the matter goes from there.”

Reporter: Not withstandin the brazeness of this crime, how concerning is it that I believe five minors were involved ? 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Yeah there were some minors involved or who were in the van but that does not mean that they were involved in the crime itself. Yes the investigation had to be done in a very meticulous manner to ensure that we were able to ascertain what actually transpired and how were the parties who were involved in perpetrating these crimes and the investigation did yield that result and hence the reason why all in the vehicle were not charged. The persons who were robbed are not cooperating with the investigators and so we have not been able to bring charges against them for that. I can say to you though that we have recovered most of the items stolen during the robbery but the non cooperation of those victims have so far prevented us from laying charges against anyone in respect to the robbery.”

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