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Police make marijuana busts across country

Corozal Police have intercepted seventeen pounds of marijuana from reaching consumers. Officers made the bust in three separate incidents today. The biggest stash was confiscated at the northern border shortly after six o’clock this morning. Police say that  53-year-old Theodore Augustine, a taxi driver from Belize City was crossing the Northern border into Belize when customs officials searched his vehicle. Inside police found five parcels of suspected marijuana which amounted to a little over twelve pounds. Augustine is detained pending charges. Shortly after eleven o’clock in the morning, officers on mobile patrol searched a bushy area at the entrance of Chan Chen Village in the Corozal District, where they found two black plastic bags containing three pounds of suspected cannabis. No one was in the area at the time. Later in the morning, shortly before twelve midday, police were on mobile patrol on a feeder road between Patchakan and Chan Chen Village in the Corozal District. Along the way they observed 29-year-old Ryan Sutherland riding a bicycle into the bushes when he saw the police. The officers pursued him and caught him removing something from the waist of his pants and threw it away. He was eventually detained and the item was recovered. It was a transparent zip-lock bag containing a brown parcel with a little over two pounds of marijuana.  Sutherland, a resident of Belmopan, is detained pending charges.