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Police Make Sizable Drug Bust and Destroy some Narcotics

Police have detained seven Belizeans after numerous parcels of marijuana were found inside the vehicle they were traveling in. Intelligence led to the search of the vehicle on Scissor Tail Street in Ladyville, and yielded some sixty two point nine pounds of marijuana; equivalent to a street value of about one hundred thousand dollars. No charges have been levied against the occupants of the vehicle. Love News understands that the search was conducted just before four o’clock yesterday afternoon. We are told that the men are expected to be criminally charge before the week is over. Meanwhile, in the north were over a one hundred and fifty kilos of cannabis along with various amounts of narcotics were destroyed by police. Deputy Commander of the Corozal formation Dennis Lopez gives more details.

Dennis Lopez, Deputy Commander, Corozal Formation

Dennis Lopez, Deputy Commander, Corozal Formation: “Today we destroyed a quantity of drugs that had been in our exhibit room since 2010 to 2019. We destroyed a quantity of cannabis, 150,698.85 grams. Cocaine, 11.6 grams. Crack cocaine 255.9 grams, eleven cannabis plants and 500 grams of cannabis seed. Ideally especially with found property you would want to get rid of it as quick as possible however we cannot do this on our own we have to write to the office of the Commissioner of Police for approval and get other agencies involved to witness the process. A lot of drugs come across from the Mexican side because there’s a high demand for it all over the country and of course it has to pass through our jurisdiction, we get some we miss some.”

Lopez added that it takes a sizeable amount of man power to ensure the communities they police are drug free.