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Police makes biggest drug bust in recent history

In a period of just 36 days Belize has seen four narco planes land on its territory.  The most recent happened a few hours before sunrise today in the Coastal Road area.

In a period of just 36 days Belize has seen four narco planes land on its territory.  The most recent happened a few hours before sunrise today in the Coastal Road area.  It is being regarded as one of the largest drug bust made by the Belize Police Department. Despite previous reports, we were officially notified that this major bust is owed to intel acquired by the police and the collaboration made with other agencies.  At the landing site officers found a Gulfstream G2 jet packed tightly with bales of suspected drugs.  Love News understands that 69 bales; each bale containing 30 parcels were taken off the aircraft. The drugs were loaded onto a military truck and transported to Precinct Two on Raccoon Street, Belize City, but were later moved to an undisclosed location. According to Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, the plane was being tracked as it left Venezuela and headed in Belize’s direction.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The plane landed at approximately 4:05 AM this morning and the team comprising of police and BDF quickly responded to the area where we got the information that the plane had landed and upon our arrival at the location we found the plane which is a G2 jet and inside the plane was 69 bales of what we suspected to be cocaine. Those 69 bales amounted to 2,070 parcels of suspected cocaine. We also found in the area two M-16 rifles and some masks. We believe that those persons who were involved in the plane landing might have seen us coming into the area from a distance and by the time we got to the location they had disappeared. We still have teams in the area searching with the hope that we will find person or persons. One media house stood in front of the Raccoon Street Police station and broadcasted live how the drugs were being unloaded into the Raccoon Street Police Station putting the officers and the station at risk and so we have relocated the drugs from Raccoon Street and it will be taken to an undisclosed location until we are prepared for its destruction. The investigation into the plane landing with a view to ascertain who the players are continues. Fingerprints were lifted from the plane and those prints will be sent to the AFIS as well as to Interpol to see if we can make a match either locally or internationally. We believe that the print might be for the pilot so we’ll see if there is anything on the pilot on the Interpol database.”

Notably, there was another burnt aircraft next to the makeshift airstrip that is located off the Coastal Road. According to the ComPol, the police are unable to simply destroy the airstrip as it is on private property and they would first need to ascertain who the property belongs to. As we noted, this is the fourth narco plane to have landed in Belize for 2020.  The first was on January 22 in the Crooked Tree area; the second was on January 25 in the Payne’s Creek National Park, Toledo and the third was on February 5 in the Monkey River area.  This third aircraft was a Piper Navajo. It was burnt but officers were still able to confiscate a trove of weapons and ammunition.  Police Commissioner Chester Williams, in an interview on February 14, explained that there is a surplus of drugs in Colombia and this would be one of the contributing factors to the drug landings.