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Police Mobile Crashes into Church Down South

A Police mobile crashed into a church building this morning in southern Belize. It happened at the Saint Michael’s Pentecostal Church just after nine 0’clock in Santa Cruz Village, Toledo, when a team of officers were heading to Tree Tops for a shift change. Inside the vehicle were four police officers who escaped with minimal injuries. The church building was vacant and had not been used for a while. According to Pastor Filiberto Teul, residents say they saw the driver speeding.

Filiberto Teul, Pastor: “According to what the villagers say they are coming in a speed. They were coming in a speed and the rain just passed and the highway is slippery and then they were coming at speed while banking that curve they never made it. The vehicle collided into the church building.”

Reporter: And do you know how many police officers were in the vehicle ? 

Filiberto Teul, Pastor: “Four police officers. The special patrol unit. I was at work in San Antonio when I received a call from my wife at home telling me that how the police vehicle entered and broke into a church building in the village of Santa Cruz. So as a pastor they called me to come and see what happened and then I rushed myself to come and then I came to see what happened in that church building and when I arrived there I saw that indeed the police vehicle was inside the building broken through and through the building. It is not really in use right now because we just opened a new building but it will be used as a Sunday school building for the children.”

The driver has been identified as Godfrey Moreira. According to his account of what happened, he said it was raining and the vehicle began sliding off the road despite the slow speed. Adding to that statement, Police Commissioner, Chester Williams told the media that the vehicle had some issue with the brake hose causing the officer to crash into the church. He added that the matter is being investigated further.////