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Police Move to Charge Men Responsible for Shoot out in the City

Police have detained the two men and a minor that was involved in last Sunday’s chase that resulted in a shootout with officers in Belize City. The men had initially gone to execute a shooting on Faber’s Road but were met by officers who responded quickly to the area. The men then tried to evade capture in a white Dodge van but officers set chase immediately. The pursuit eventually ended when the men abandoned the vehicle at the intersection of Central American and Jane Usher Boulevards after firing several shots at the responding officers. Today, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media that the culprits have since been detained and are expected to be charged shortly.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I know that the person of concern who is a fellow Williams but no relative of mine is still in the hospital under police guard. We do have two other persons in custody in respect of that matter and investigators are working tirelessly to put the pieces together but again we’re seeing where the two persons who were shot on Fabers Road that led to the pursuit are not cooperating with police as much as they should and so that is putting some strain on the investigation. Nonetheless we are certain that we will be able to bring charges against the Williams who was the one who rented the vehicle as well as another person who was identified by the police in the vehicle at which time he was armed with what the officer said was a firearm and he pointed toward the police and fired shots. So at least in respect of those two persons for aggravated assault upon the police officer we will be bringing those charges against them hopefully very soon.”

Compol Williams also said the fact that a minor was not only targeted, but involved in a serious crime, proves that many parents are failing at keeping their kids off the streets.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I listened to the Prime Minister this morning on Open Your Eyes and one of the things he said was that we have become bad parents and that is true. As parents there is more that we need to do. We need to question our children as to where they go, what they were doing. We need to know where our children are going, who their friends are, who they go and hangout with. These are things that can lend towards making our children becoming more responsible and more productive. It cannot be that as parents we leave our children to be raised by the streets, we’re surely not going to get good results from that. And that is what we have been seeing over the years that our children have been neglected by parents and we expect that the street is going to raise them the way we want them to be raised and that is not going to happen. When we do that the only persons who benefit are the gang members because they recruit our children, bring them into gangs and have them carrying out their evil acts for them. So again as a part of our crime fighting strategy we have to find a way by which we can get parents more actively involved in the lives of their children with a view to see how we can go back to where it used to be where it  took a village to raise a child as opposed to just you the parent. I believe that once that is done we’re going to see significant progress in stemming gang particularly within Belize City.”