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Police News

Caye Caulker businessman, Artemio Marin has reported that his boat, Baby Dax has been stolen.  Marin, who is the owner of Anda de Wata Tours said his boat was stolen between January 3 and 4. The boat is described as white with a red vertical Stripe with black underneath fiber glass boat with green canopy, twenty eight feet in length which is valued at thirty thousand dollars. It was moored at a dock in front of Anchorage Resort, on the beach front in Caye Caulker and has a grey 200 HP Yamaha brand outboard engine valued at fifteen thousand dollars, fire extinguisher valued at eighty dollars and eighteen pound anchor valued at one hundred and fifty dollars, a white Boss brand marine radio valued at five hundred dollars along with twenty yellow life jackets valued at five hundred dollars and an aluminum ladder valued at seven hundred dollars which comes to a total value of forty six thousand nine hundred and sixty dollars. Police investigations continue.

Another business owner, Aurora Lisbey owner of Bertha Tamales on the Humming Bird Highway has reported to the police that on December 12, 2015 her business was destroyed by fire. The entire thatched structure measuring approximately 12 feet by 12 feet and its contents is estimated at four thousand dollars. Police investigation continues.

Livestock exporter and importer US national, Charles Davison reported that on December 28, 2015 upon his return from the USA he discovered a number of items had been stolen from his farm in Ontario Village in the Cayo District. Thief or thieves made off with a horse cart valued at a thousand dollars, a mahogany table valued at four hundred dollars, a ninety five feet metal tower valued at seventeen hundred dollars, two Black Meter Radio valued at three hundred dollars, two Meter Antennas valued at six hundred dollars,  along with his Buggies valued at five thousand five hundred dollars  all to a total value of nine thousand five hundred dollars.  Police investigation continues.