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Police News: Firearms and Ammunition Found …. Shooting Incidents

Police in Punta Gorda confiscated a twenty gauge shotgun they found among some mangroves during a joint operation with the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Coast Guard.  The units were doing a river patrol near the Sarstoon Island when they saw a red and white item stashed within the mangroves.  Closer inspection led them to the firearm which was taken in and labelled as found property.  Meanwhile, police in San Ignacio came across eleven 12-gauge cartridges, a Maverick 12-gauge shotgun containing six cartridges and two bullet proof vests.  The items were found in an overgrown area behind the cemetery in Georgeville Village, stashed in a white bucket.  They were taken in and labelled as found property at around midday yesterday.


There were two shooting incidents in Belize City last night.  The first happened at around ten o’clock on Sundial Street in the Buttonwood Bay area.  No one was injured in this incident but when police responded to the area they found thirteen 9-millimetre expended shells and upon further investigation, they learned that a man was seen exiting a vehicle and heading towards Sundial Avenue where he began firing shots, eleven of which caused bullet holes on the Matalon Building on Coney Drive, specifically the portion rented by the Belize Bank.  The second incident happened a few minutes past midnight last night in the Munoz Alley area of Belize City.  22-year-old, Kayla Young told the authorities that just before midnight she saw two male persons standing outside her home; one was armed with a gun and shots were fired at her house.  No one was injured in this incident.