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Police News: Stabbing, Robbery and Drugs

25-year-old Brandon Allen was stabbed multiple times on Wednesday. Allen was reportedly in the vicinity of Taylor’s Alley when the incident occurred. He was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he remains in a critical but stable condition. Police have since detained one man pending charges. Police investigation continues.


Earlier this week, 22-year-old Marco Paiz of George Price Boulevard, Benque Viejo Town reported that he was walking on Church Hill Street, heading home when he was attacked by three male persons.  He stated that he was hit on left side of his head with a bottle causing a small cut wound behind his left ear, knocking him to the ground unconscious. While on the ground he regained consciousness and saw one of the men he recognized, cutting his left thumb, index and middle finger with what appeared to be a small knife. The culprits’ further stole his cellphone attached with a white galaxy headphone valued at two hundred and fifty dollars, a watch valued at hundred dollars, a brown wallet which contained twenty dollars and his identification card all to a total value of three hundred and seventy dollars. Police investigations continue.


Belmopan Police conducted a search in an open lot on Jalacte Street in Belmopan where they retrieved a black plastic bag which contained 514 grams of Cannabis. Present at the time of search were five male persons. Edy Ramos of Las Americas Boulevard, Edwardo Gonzalez of Costa Rica Street, Jovannie Lopez of Costa Rica Street, , Anthony Chan of Costa Rica Street, and Bernaldino  Rosalez of Costa Rica Street. Police have since arrested and charged all five for the offence of Drug Trafficking.