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Police offer sewing classes to women

Despite, the big stick approach to policing, crime is still on the rise. As a result, the police department has embarked on several alternatives to crime initiatives in the hopes of reducing lawbreaking. Robert Mariano, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, is offering sewing classes to women of the Port Loyola area. Love News spoke to Mariano about the initiative.

ACP Robert Mariano – Sewing Instructor: Our class is only from 2pm until 5 pm and that is only two days per week; on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tailoring comprises of several things; you need to know how to cut, you need to know how to fold shirt, you need to know how to sew long pants, you need to know how to sew skirt, hats there are several things and so my thing is long as they want to learn the trade in full then I will make myself available to them to learn the trade. If anybody else wants to learn we still want to welcome them.

The women will receive a certificate at the end of the program.