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Police office shot

43-year-old Sergeant Shawn Walton is at home recuperating after he was shot in Belize City. Walton was off duty at the time and he was inside a car on Victoria Street when shots rang out. He was shot to the forearm. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino says the investigation has yet to reveal if the sergeant was the intended target.

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB, Belize City: “Indications from Mr.Walton is that he was parked in his vehicle on Victoria Street when he heard a number of gunshots and he felt a burning sensation on his arm and realized that he was shot. He was taken to the hospital. He was visiting someone in the area and he was seated in his vehicle awaiting that individual and that is when he was injured.”

Reporter: Was he the target?

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB, Belize City: “There were other persons in the area nearby to his vehicle and so like I said investigations are ongoing to try to determine if he was indeed the target or if it was the other individuals around the area. But the incident happened approximately 150 feet from the checkpoint which is located on the corner of New Road and Victoria Street. This incident happened more to the corner of North Front Street and Victoria Street so the culprits made their escape down Victoria and on to North Front Street. The investigation is still ongoing and we can’t confirm at this point if he was indeed the intended target but we are looking into it.”

Police are looking for two suspects. At the scene police found nine millimeter expended shells.