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Police officer are awarded for quick response leading to apprehension of robbers

Three officers have been awarded for their key role in apprehending suspects of a robbery that happened earlier this month. The officers were handed their certificate of recognition at the Queen Street police station. They are Special Constable Bill Arana, PC Lincoln Alvarez, and WPC Kenisha Ford, all attached to the Mahogany Heights sub-precinct. Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson, Commander of the Eastern Division Region three spoke of the incident, and the officers told us about their experience.

Senior Superintendent Alvin Dawson: “On the 6th of April they were asked to intercept a vehicle that was traveling form Belmopan to Belize City and inside that vehicle was supposed to be the suspect in the robbery that occurred in Belmopan. They quickly with the little resources, they quickly mounted the check point and the vehicle came to that checkpoint. The persons on board were identified to be the persons or suspect in the robbery and they were asked to highlight the vehicle. During that time the person was searched and one person ran off, where he was pursued by an officer and an altercation occurred and that person was shot and apprehended and handed over to Belmopan where they were later charged for the crime of robbery.”

The officers also received a prize courtesy of Moyono Management Limited, a company that manages seven of the top resorts in southern Belize. Renaldo Malik is the Projects manager.

Renaldo Malik: “Given the circumstances surrounding this particular event where a business was the victim of the robbery, we felt like this was the perfect opportunity for us to step up to the plate because given that we manage resorts which are mostly in remote locations right we ourselves could potentially at some point or the other fall victim to a crime like this so I think that the human element sometimes we forget that Police Officers are also human beings just like we want to go on vacation from time to time we felt that we had the right product that we could partner up with the Police Department and really make it say to the officers that you effort and you hard work is appreciated not just by the business community but by Belize in General and trying to make a difference where it actually counts.”

Lincoln Alvarez:  “My name is Lincoln Alvarez presently attached to Mahogany Heights Police Sub Station currently in the department for the past 24 years and I really appreciate and thankful for this award that has been offered for the work that has been well done.”

Bill Arana:My name is Bill Arana Special Constable attached to Mahogany Heights Police Station Community policing.”

Kanesha Ford: “WPC Kanesha Ford presently attached to the Mahogany Heights precinct. I have been in the job for almost five years. On behalf of the Mahogany heights and the three of us I would like to say thanks to Mr. Malik for the appreciation award and also the Senior Officers that are present here today. Thank you guys so much, thanks again, hopefully we have a weekend of relaxation very soon.”

The Officers are being offered a weekend at any of their resorts. The stays are free and they are also being awarded 200 dollars of resort credit that can be used for food, drinks or tours. Malik says they can choose to stay at the resort for up to three nights. That package, depending on how long the officers decide to stay at the resort of their choice, can range from seven hundred to three thousand dollars. Malik says they will be continuing their collaboration with the department.