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A police officer and his girlfriend are freed by the courts following allegations of child abuse

A couple were freed in court today after they were charged with three counts of wounding upon their 6-year-old child.  The case began in 2018 when the parents  were accused of assaulting the child on three separate occasions.  In October 2017, the allegation is that the mother, Aricia Gentle, poked the child in her eye with a broom.  In November 2017, the child alleges that she was beaten by her father, Police Constable Tony Gamboa, with a spoon.  The third incident reportedly happened in December 2017 when the mother hit her on her butt and arms with a stick.  Pediatrician, Dr Cecelio Eck, testified in court, saying that the child was assaulted and that there were many excoriation, bruises and lesions all at the healing stage.  The parent’s attorney, Oscar Selgado, examined Dr Eck and confirmed that the excoriation could be a case of the child skin-picking excessively.  The parents denied hitting the child and told the cour that the abrasions were caused from when she fell.  The parents were found not guilty of the charge but Magistrate Emerson Banner did warn them that they need to pay closer attention to the child and that any prudent parent would have noticed the lesions on the skin and sought medical attention.