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Police Officer injured in Traffic Accident

Another traffic incident occurred this morning , this time in the Toledo District at around 8:35 AM Emory Grove Village. A police constable received body and head injuries as explained by Love News Correspondent Paul Mahung.

Paul Mahung, Love FM: Officer in charge of Toledo Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Clement Cacho spoke of the incident.

Clement Cacho: “Police visited the scene whereby the observed a Pops bus facing from west to east as though it was heading to Punta Gorda Town on the center of the road, to the left-hand side while traveling to town. Police also observed a blue motorcycle on the ground approximately 17 feet from the bus on the right-hand side of the road while traveling towards the Dump area. Initial investigation reveals the Pop bus which was being driven at the time by a one Castro Chub of an Indian Creek village address stopped to pick up some passengers on a slope of the small hill and he began to reverse up the hill. PC Choco, PZ Andy Choco who was driving the motorcycle traveling the same direction of the bus upon going up the slope of the hill he saw the bus at the last minute and tried to swerve away from the bus whereby he collided into the left-hand side of the bus, which is the driver’s side of the bus. As a result, PC Choco broke his left leg in multiple places. He sustained head and body injuries and was later transported to the Punta Gorda hospital and then further ferried to Belize hospital. At the time of the incident PC Choco had three male passengers on the back of his motorcycle later identified as one Benedicta Cal, other particulars are unknown and she sustained a broken right leg and laceration to the forehead and abrasions to the left leg. So far it appears that the driver of the Pop bus is at fault. The driver has a valid driver’s license and the bus has its valid license and insurance forms. I cannot ascertain at this time if PC Choco’s motorcycle has a valid license or insurance, however, we are looking into that.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM: The traffic incident occurred about nine miles out Punta Gorda on the PG San Antonio Rd.