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Police Officer killed with his Service Weapon

A career police officer Corporal Alfonso Guy was killed early this morning on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. He was socializing with friends and one of those friends accompanied him back to his apartment in a building whose residents are mostly officers. Love News travelled to the island and found out that the officer, who was once attached to the police training academy was killed under circumstances that the San Pedro Police Formation is determined to uncover.

Jose Sanchez: “The San Juan area of Ambergris Caye may seem peaceful today but in the dead of night Police Corporal Alphonso guy was killed inside his apartment on the second floor of his building. After the shot rang out a neighbor from the lower flat came to his aid.

Neighbor of the deceased: “Somebody got shot, the police got shot upstairs and everybody knows that him as a cool person, he is a calm guy, he doesn’t really harass anybody, he is a work to home man. He doesn’t really trouble anybody he just does his job but he doesn’t really be out there doing anybody anything so when we hear that obviously we will rush to his aid because he is a cool person and so when I get upstairs I see him balling for assistance and he told me “ help me, help me, he got shot so I look at him at the time and I didn’t see any kind of situation like anyone was fighting to get in the room or anything like that so at the moment my brother came and my brother help me back him downstairs and we took him downstairs and put him on a golf cart where by two Police officers after that carry the man to the Polyclinic.

The officer commanding the San Pedro Police Formation Superintendent Raymond Reyes explained how the incident and the search for the suspect unfolded.

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “After 1 am this morning I get a phone call that one of my officers have been injured and as a result I visited the Polyclinic in San Pedro where on arrival I saw that one Mr. Alphonso Guy a Corporal of Police attached to the Crimes Investigations Branch was being treated for what appears to be a gunshot wound to his stomach. Initial investigations reveal that apparently he was first socializing out within town and shortly after midnight he went home and apparently he invited a friend to his room and that is where the unfortunate incident happened where he was shot in his stomach and the individual then left the room leaving him lying on the floor bleeding from the injury he had sustained due to the gunshot wound. The weapon is a police issued firearm since he is attached to the Crimes Investigation Branch and there are officers who could be called upon any minute so now and the we allow them to have  possession of a weapon and apparently that was the same weapon that was used during the time when he was injured in the stomach.

Jose Sanchez: “Was the weapon left on the scene or was it recovered?”

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “The weapon was taken by the individual and later given to a next person who stashed the weapon and so as a result of Police investigation and canvassing of certain areas we were able to recover the firearm and also detained the person who had stashed the weapon for the individual who had shot Mr. Guy.”’

Josue Danillo Villatoro, Suspect

Jose Sanchez: “The suspect will be charged soon? I realize that you are tuning that in at this point.”

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “What we have is that right now we are doing recording of statements, reviewing of surveillance cameras and also interviewing the person of interests so that justice has been done with the individual where certain things has been said by him so the information will then be forwarded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution for advice as to how we should proceed. We are presently investigating it as a murder investigation but because of certain things in the interview we prefer to seek legal advice before we lay charges.”

Jose Sanchez: “Is the person saying self defense or offering some motive as to why they shot an officer?

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “Well  he is not claiming self defense but he is giving us a synopsis of a case as that of by negligence he pulled the trigger and then the gun went off.”

Jose Sanchez: “But stashing the weapon does indicate…..”

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “Certain things right and that is why we prefer to seek legal advice.”

Jose Sanchez: “Neighbours and colleagues agree that Corporal Guy was a good and decent man.

PC John young Colleague of Corporal Guy: “Corporal Guy is a very cool and humble officer. He will be willing to help anybody, to guide any police officer, any police officer can go to him and ask for help. He is a very nice person.

Sup. Reymundo Reyes OC San Pedro PO: “He has been in the Department for many years. He first arrived to the rank of a Sergent when he resigned and later on he re enlisted back into the Department and presently he has regained back the rank of a Corporal and was pursuing for his other rank but unfortunately his life was cut short due to this incident but it is a person that you could have approached any minute, A well known individual, very charismatic, you could always ask him for assistance and he will be there for you. It was not somebody that was arrogant and did not know how to deal with people and so forth.

Neighbor of the deceased: “The man was a cool person, I don’t know who hate the man out there or what went on last night but all I can say is that person they took away was a good person from this earth, someone that doesn’t really take advantage of anybody on this earth from what  I know. That is all I have to say about that man.”

Reporting for Love News Jose Sanchez.

As Superintendent Reymundo Reyes has mentioned, charges will be levied  on 25-year-old Honduran National Josue Danillo Villatoro after advice from the Director of Public Prosecution. The person who hid the weapon was also detained and questioned by the San Pedro Police Formation.