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Police Officer Murdered, wife shot

Two officers have lost their lives over the past few days. On Tuesday Police Constable Kenyon Pandy, who was attached to the Belmopan Police Formation, was killed in a road traffic accident. Just before 12 this afternoon, a police officer was murdered. The officer, Marcus Cucul and his wife were shot. It is unclear if it was a robbery attempt or if the assailant was waiting for them.  The officer was mortally wounded and passed away on site. His wife was critically injured during the incident. Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung was on the scene and filed this report.

Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent: “Reliable information to Love News at the scene indicated that a fatal shooting incident claimed the life of Police Constable Modesto Cucul whose lifeless body was found just outside beside his vehicle. His common law wife Avenida Cal received gunshot wounds and was taken to the Polyclinic in nearby San Antonio Village but she was thereafter taken to PG Hospital in a stable condition. The two were on their way to San Jose Village when sometime between 10 – 11 AM about a quarter mile from the junction of San Antonio and San Jose Rd. they were fired upon causing the fatal shot that took the life of PC Cucul and injured Ms.Cal. PC Cucul reportedly was assigned to Belmopan Police Formation and the couple lived in Belmopan. They were on their way to San Jose Village where the parents of Ms. Cal lived. The shooting incident happened on the San Jose Rd. about a mile from Crique Jute Village in Toledo. Police investigation continues. Reporting for Love News from San Jose Road. I am Paul Mahung.”