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Police Officer pulls on gun on another officer

A police officer is being investigated after allegedly pulling a gun inside the San Ignacio Police at another police officer. The accused is PC Leonard Benjamin and the incident is said to have happened yesterday. The altercation reportedly stems over a relationship with a woman police officer attached to the same formation. ACP Joseph Myvette briefed the media this morning.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Belize Police Department: “Yes indeed there was an incident involving two constables one being PC Benjamin. There is an ongoing investigation it is my understanding that PC Benjamin had since been charged disciplinarily but court action is requested so the file is being reviewed in order to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to substantiate any charge. In this case it did not happen in that manner in that in it’s preliminary stage I have been informed that the constable requested no court action but later on requested court action into the matter hence the reason and in any case all files would have to be reviewed.”

Both officers remain station at the San Ignacio Police Formation.