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Police Officer Shot in Belize City

A police officer came under attack by a group of young men over the weekend. Fifty-year-old, Sergeant Noel Muschamp was reportedly cleaning his firearm in an area behind the Belize Port Authority when he was approached by the group who fired shots at him. Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood spoke on the incident.

ACP Fitzroy Yearwood, Director of Communications, Belize Police Department: “Sergeant Noel Muschamp was on a feeder road about half mile into the Port Authority compound when he claimed that he was servicing his licensed firearm and upon leaving the area where he was four young men blocked that feeder road where he had to speed up toward them because one of them was armed. Upon driving past them shots were fired at him, he managed to return fire where he made good his escape from that area where he called for police assistance and was transported to KHMH. He was hit in the right calf area. Since then Jahson Gonguez has been changed for use of deadly means of harm and wounding in relation to that incident. So far the investigation has revealed that these individuals are from that area. If you know the Jane Usher Boulevard area it has direct access to what we would refer to as the open area by Port Authority and you know crimes are committed when individuals see opportunities. So for us to speculate as to what may have or may have not happened would be very wrong at this time. What we do know is that they did not get his firearm and someone was charged who he identified as one of the persons.”

Sergeant Muschamp reportedly returned fire, and was able to escape in his vehicle, but not before sustaining a shot to the right foot. Reports say that the cop was being robbed of his firearm, but from the information provided by Yearwood, there is no evidence to confirm it.

ACP Fitzroy Yearwood, Director of Communications, Belize Police Department: “Well the moment they opened fire at you and you claim that you were servicing your firearm it only could be that they had interest in obtaining your firearm because at the end of the day they didn’t get anything from the entire incident because he made good his escape and after returning fire at them. His name is known to the police. To go into details I wouldn’t want to do that but he’s know to us.”

Sergeant Muschamp was able to identify one of the assailants as twenty-year-old, Jahson Gonguez who has since been charged with deadly means of harm and wounding.