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Police Officer Stabbed While Socializing After Hours

Over the weekend a police officer was stabbed while trying to break up a fight between a fellow cop and another man. According to reports, Police Constable Royni Cobb was socializing after work Saturday just after midnight in San Joaquin Village when he was stabbed while mediating a fight. Police Public Relations, ASP Fitzroy Year told the media earlier today, that Cobb’s perpetrator has since been detained.

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “The initial investigation revealed that some time after concluding duty after midnight on Saturday morning Cobb was in the company of three other persons inside a yard socializing where another police officer that was present and one of the civilians got into an argument. A struggle ensued, Cobb tried to separate them and this is when one of the persons inflicted the stab wounds to Cobb. Cobb was treated and released from the Corozal hospital on that same day.”

Reporter: Will either of these police officers face any kind of penalties for socializing past the curfew ? 

ASP FItzroy Yearwood, Public Relations Officer, Belize Police Department: “Well a decision will have to be made by the Commissioner of Police of course because we are out here asking the general public to observe the curfew laws and like I said they were inside a yard, whose residence I cannot say because at the end of the day when you’re finished with your tour of duty if you don’t need to be out then you should be home at that time. That still hasn’t shied away from the fact that he was harmed and this person could have hurt him even worse. We are happy that he was released from the hospital and we have the perpetrator detained at this time and hopefully we could levy charges and the charges may have to fall where they may but I can tell you that we at the police department do not encourage officers to be out socializing during curfew hours or even if it’s in your yard. We believe that you should respect the law like everybody else.”

Love News spoke to one the witnesses who was present when Office Cobb was stabbed. She appeared on camera and says that PC Cobb along with other officers arrived at the scene sometime after one that morning. The witness told Love News that an altercation ensued. She says the fight happened so fast, and it was not until minutes later that they realized that Cobb was stabbed.

Witness: “It was six of us. We were all drinking. It was about 1:30 / 2:00 in the morning when a black car came in. I didn’t get close because I had no idea who it was and the car was very dark. Then I saw four men come out. So I went a little closer and I saw that it was four police officers. When I saw that I thought maybe they came to do a search or something. They came and one of them asked ‘What’s good.’ and we told them that we were just there gathering me and my friends. They came closer and that’s all. They started to talk with us. I asked them what they were doing because maybe they were out on patrol. They said they had just ended their shift so that’s why they were there to see what was happening. I didn’t expect it but it happened. An altercation happened between the officer and the other man and that’s when everything happened. It was something so fast that happened. The police Mr.Cobb he was talking. There was a conversation happening. They were talking with the guy, I didn’t even notice what happened or what caused the problem. Maybe it was word that caused the problem. What I saw was that they pushed each other and from there it started. When the stabbing happened I saw the police Mr.Cobb on the ground and the man was on top of him. I didn’t think at all that he was being stabbed I thought that he was just being hit by the man with his right hand but my sister says when she went closer she saw a lot of blood.”