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Police officer Stephanie Patten, future unclear at this time

The future of police officer, Stephanie Patten remains unclear at this time as she’s being investigated following a bust last week. On June 14, Patten, Joshua Brandon Hall, Alden Lara and Mexican, Misael Contreras Barela were charged after a bust at Patten’s home in Orange Walk netted an arsenal of guns, some drugs and some GSU uniforms no longer in use. While the criminal proceedings continue so is an internal investigation to determine if she violated the department’s code of conduct. Senior Superintendent Calbert Flowers who is the Head of the Professional Standards Branch offered some details on the officer, who’s currently on interdiction. 

Sr. Supt. Calbert Flowers: Commander, Professional Standards Branch: “We all know that she was criminally arrested and charged for those offences. Internally, my office deals with the internal matters. Internally, she has already been written to. She has been served with a notice of complaint and has been served with a letter for her to give an explanation after which disciplinary charges will be, will be followed. She will definitely be charged internally and will be facing a tribunal for this matter. No doubt about it. Certainly I believe she should have been, she should have faced some internal disciplinary charges. I cannot say what happened back then. I was not at this office so I cannot really say what went on but certainly I believe that she should have been charged because someone came forward and took responsibility for the criminal matter but we still have the internal matter that I believe should have been dealt with.”

In the criminal matter, she’s being represented by Richard “Dickie” Bradley.